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As a specialist tutoring company, CET tutors are often asked by concerned parents and students about the choices they have to make in applying to university at the beginning of Year 13.

Position - Where does a particular university figure in perception of independent analysis or in the minds of employers?
Place - Your son or daughter has to live there. Which university is the right place for them?
Course - Students often get the best grades when the course suits their needs. Which one fits best?

Some parents, noting that even GCSE results can affect choices, start to feel concerned about this process even earlier on.

CET has addressed this question by putting together a four hour course which will take place in the comforts of your own home providing parents and students with answers to some of the questions and offering advice.

At a cost of £125, the 4 hours of personal, tailored advice is an ideal guide for anyone considering their university options.

Click here to see more details of the course or complete the form below to register an interest and one of our tutors will contact you to provide more details.

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