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We always aim to provide our clients with high quality tutors who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their professional tutoring. To assist us with this aim we request that clients provide us with feedback enabling us to closely match the skills of our tutors with future clients.

When a tutor was assigned to assist you or a student for whom you organsised the tuition, we will have provided you with a client reference number eg. 120415/AB. Please could you use this when completing the form. If you need us to supply you with any details to help you complete the form then please click here to send us an email or call us on 0844 057 0328.

Client Reference Number:
Level of Study:

Strongly Agree
Slightly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Slightly disagree
Strongly disagree
Unable to answer
The tutor appeared an organised person
The tutor was good at time keeping
The tutor developed good relationships
The tutor was good at motivating the student
The tutor prepared well and brought appropriate resources
The tutor always dressed appropriately when working
The tutor employed a teaching style (eg. visual, kinaesthetic) that suited the student
The tutor gave helpful feedback about the progress being made
The needs of the student were being met by the tutor
The tutor offered advice, where necessary, about how progress could be achieved
Any other comments
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