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Feedback from AS and A-Level Tuition

"I have been more than delighted with your service and the tutor provided."
Mrs E, re the agency and her son, aged 17. Chemistry, 'A' level

"Once again we appreciate your continued assistance - your choice of tutors has been excellent."
Mrs W, re the agency and her daughter, aged 17. Biology, 'A' level

"We immensely appreciate all your assistance. Both tutors have been excellent and I would certainly recommend your agency to anyone else in our situation. Our only regret is that as far as Dr M is concerned, F wishes they had met much earlier!...I have been particularly impressed with your thoughtful approach to matching pupils and tutor...Whatever F's 'A' level result,
Dr M has made a significant difference to F's level of achievement and enjoyment of Chemistry...Your professional help has been much appreciated."

Mrs L, re the tuition of her daughter, aged 18. Chemistry 'A' level

"Excellent tutor, and extremely interesting lessons."
Ms B, Psychology, 'A' level

"Mrs M is extremely enthusiastic and very knowledgeable in her subject."
Ms W, aged 18 Biology 'A' level

"I feel that M is gaining a lot from the tuition given to her, as it coincides with the notes she is getting from school, so giving her a much greater understanding of the Chemistry course."
Mr B, re his daughter, aged 17. Chemistry, 'A' level

"I wish to thank you for the effort you put into finding a tutor for my daughter."
Mrs re her daughter, aged 17. Mathematics, 'A' level

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Feedback from GCSE/KS3/Special Educational Needs tuition

"I would have no hesitation in contacting CET for any other help my children require in the future."
Mrs T, re her daughter, aged 15. Science, G.C.S.E

"S finds C helpful and positive. She comes away from her sessions with confidence and understanding."
Mrs W, re her daughter, aged 15. Combined Science, G.C.S.E

"Chemistry has been put into an entirely different light for A with [the tutor's] simplification of the subject."
Mrs T, re her daughter, aged 16. Physics G.C.S.E

"I think you offer a good service which tries to accommodate individuals who need tuition, the idea of the feedback form [referring to CET's Appraisal Questionnaire] is a good one."
Mrs J, re the tuition of her daughter, aged 16. Physics, G.C.S.E

"Dr H is professional and friendly. My son enjoys the time spent with him and as a result [his] Physics grades have improved greatly."
Mrs A, re the tuition of her son, aged 15. Physics, G.C.S.E

"First time for many years my son appears to enjoy a subject."
Mr A, re his son, aged 17. Mathematics, G.C.S.E

"We are very pleased with J's help, encouragement and the quality of her tuition."
Mrs W, re the tuition of her daughter, aged 15. Mathematics, G.C.S.E

"Both L [the pupil] and I are very pleased with the help she has been given. It has helped to improve her relationship with her Maths Teacher at school, and been of real benefit...We are very pleased with the service you offer, especially the speed at which a highly-qualified and suitable tutor was found. Thank you!"
Mrs W, re her daughter, aged 16. Mathematics, G.C.S.E

"A helpful and caring tutor."
Mrs B, re the tutor of her son, aged 19. Mathematics, G.C.S.E

"I should like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the service you give and say how pleased we have been with Dr T's tuition. I should certainly recommend your agency to anyone looking for tuition in the future."
Mrs P, re the tuition of her son, aged 16. Mathematics G.C.S.E

"I have been very satisfied with P's progress and have nothing but praise for Mrs K. If I feel P needs extra tuition in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you again."
Mrs C, re her son, aged 12, English

"Mr C has a good attitude towards young people. I would recommend him to other parents."
Mrs M, re the tutor of her son, aged 14. Mathematics, G.C.S.E

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Feedback from Foreign Languages tuition

"M is an excellent tutor...a very satisfactory course."
Ministry of Defence Czech

"[The approach] is never dry or severe, owing to [the tutor's] outstanding helpful and sympathetic attitude, together with her quietly enthusiastic and winning personality."
Mr G, Russian

"Many thanks for your help in finding my tutor. I have been searching for a long time, and apart from your success in this matter, I found you much more courteous and pleasant to deal with than many of the other agencies."
Mrs L, Modern Hebrew

"I would like to thank you for your time and help, and I've found the course taken very interesting and worthwhile."
Mrs C, Modern Greek

"I really enjoyed B as a tutor and as a person in general. She's always very encouraging which I find is really great when learning a language because one can feel quite silly or embarrassed trying to speak. B doesn't criticise in a bad way. Always very positive; I'm really enjoying my lessons which is quite amazing for me. I usually don't like taking lessons in anything."
Ms T, German

"She is very friendly and immediately makes you feel at home. She treats you like a person, not just a student."
Ms S, Italian

"An extremely pleasant and most capable instructor it was a pleasure to start my studies in French - after an absence of 30 years - with Mrs H."
Ministry of Defence, French

"We were very pleased with the tuition given and would not hesitate in recommending your service."
Mrs B, re her daughter, aged 16. Spanish 'A' level

"Thank you and your tutor for a very efficient and effective service."
Mr B, re his daughter, aged 16, Italian G.C.S.E

"A has derived great benefit from this extra French tuition which is due entirely to Mrs P's kind, helpful and patient teaching methods. She has given A a great deal more confidence...If in future I feel that either of my children has need of extra tuition, I shall have no hesitation in contacting CET."
Mrs F, re her daughter, aged 16. French G.C.S.E

"I am writing to express my thanks for all the effort you have been making to improve my daughter's Spanish. I have made sure she is aware of all the points you have raised on your progress reports! I do feel she will, as a result of your encouragement, reach the grade she wants in her G.C.S.E exams in June."
Mr G, re his daughter, aged 15. Spanish G.C.S.E

"Since my tuition with Y has begun, my confidence has begun to build up - Y is very much aware of how to build that confidence up."
Mrs C, Beginner's French

"I am most grateful to Mrs E for her help and encouragement. C has got on very well with her and enjoyed his lessons greatly."
Mrs J, re her son, aged 16. Latin and Greek, G.C.S.E

"Mrs D was successful in bringing order into a rather chaotic situation!!"
Mrs J, re her daughter, aged 16. German G.C.S.E

"T was excellent - he adapted his teaching methods to suit me perfectly. He was always very professional and helpful. I'd like to congratulate you on having such a good tutor as a member of your team. He is a credit to you."
Mrs R, French

"We are pleased with the help he has received and feel it is making quite a difference to him. We would like to continue with L."
Mrs M, re the tutor and her son, aged 13. French

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Feedback from Primary aged children receiving tuition and those preparing for Entrance Exams

"H thinks that Mrs W is 'ace'! Mrs W has got to know H over the past 10 weeks and I am happy that they can work well together."
Mrs B, re her son, aged 10. Primary: Mathematics

"We feel very fortunate indeed to have Miss S helping G. She is absolutely superb and has an attitude we have not found elsewhere."
Dr & Mrs W, re their son, aged 9. Primary: Reading

"Very understanding, helpful, and shows complete interest in all of A's hobbies etc."
Mrs M, re the tutor of her son, aged 7. Primary: Reading

"She has given T inspiration and new confidence, which is more than we hoped for."
Mrs H, re the tutor of her son, aged 9, Primary

"I am extremely grateful for your work on our behalf. I am exceedingly grateful for the effort you make and the interest you take on behalf of our children."
Mr B, re the agency and the tuition of his son, aged 8, Primary

"We all like Mrs K very much and consider her to be a most caring and excellent person."
Mr B, re the tutor of his son, aged 8, Primary

"We are happy with Mrs K. M enjoys his lessons very much and always looks forward to seeing Mrs K."
Mrs P, re the tutor of her son, aged 8, Primary

"Miss H has always been encouraging, helpful and positive with S."
Mrs G, re the tutor of her son, aged 6, Primary

"Mrs P creates a relaxed but controlled environment in which M clearly enjoys learning."
Mrs H, re the tutor of her son, aged 4, Nursery

"It has been very helpful and I is an excellent choice. We'll be in touch if we need more Maths or other subjects in the future."
Mrs W, re the tuition of her son, aged 12. Mathematics, Common Entrance Examination, 13+

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