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How the process works

Client requests a tutor
  1. A client contacts the agency through the website or by phoning us on 01223 39 88 00.
  2. We identify the tutor(s) closest to the client and quote the approximate price charged by the tutor.
  3. If the client is interested in being contacted by the tutor, we would check their availability and then pass on the client's details.
  4. The tutor contacts the client to discuss the student's requirements.
  5. We recommend an informal meeting is arranged between all the parties before a decision to proceed is made.
  6. Both the client and the tutor inform the agency that they're happy to go ahead.

Payment and tuition
  1. The agency will provide the client with details of how money for the tuition can be paid.
  2. The tuition times are arranged between the client/student and the tutor.
  3. The sessions progress with the tutors writing a progress report at the end of each month which is checked by the agency and passed on to the client along with a monthly financial statement.

The agency will monitor the tuition through contact with the client and the tutor asking for regular feedback.

Tutor Transfer
Although at CET we will do our best to provide a tutor who would suit a student, very occasionally a student/tutor partnership doesn't work out. If this does happen the agency will seek to provide another tutor if that is the wish of the client or refund any remaining credit.
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