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Advice for Clients

Having the correct tutor who will help a student achieve his or her aims is vital. To aid this and to help a tutor consider whether they can help, providing answers to the following questions will help.

  • Why does the student require tuition, what are their areas of difficulty and what are their aims?
  • If the student is having difficulties in specific academic areas what advice, if any, has been given by their teacher?
  • Is the intention to have a set number of lessons for the student or review their progress over time?
  • What would be the best period of time for the sessions? Most last an hour but for older students 1½ or 2 hour sessions can be more beneficial?
  • Where would be best for the tuition to take place?
  • If appropriate, would short homework tasks be welcomed?

The tutor should be prepared to provide the client with information related to his/her academic background and provide a summary of their experience in teaching the subject(s).

The parent(s)/guardian(s) may wish to observe the first lesson which could help to put an apprehensive child at ease. Usually, after this the parent/guardian will not feel the need to be observing the tutor as they proceed with their work. However, we always recommend that a parent/guardian is at home while tuition takes place and that the study room door is left open.

All tutors should be following the curriculum currently being studied by the student at their school or college. The tutors should be well resourced with materials appropriate for the lessons including the latest textbooks and past exam papers where appropriate. It is important that all tutors are pleasant, polite and appropriately dressed when attending lessons.


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