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7+ and 8+ Tutors

Levels taught in 7+/8+
We have 7+ and 8+ tutors, many of whom are experienced in helping students preparing for these exams. These tutors are also usually able to help children prepare for common entrance exams and the 11+.

What experience do our 7+ and 8+ tutors have?

All our tutors are required to have relevant teaching or tutoring experience. Most of our 7+ and 8+ tutors are qualified primary teachers. All must have up to date knowledge of these tests and what is required of children of this age.

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Complete the form below if you are interested in finding out about the availability of an 7+ and 8+ tutor. The same form can also be used to include other subjects if required.

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Tuition - When and Where?
If you have an idea of the days/times and frequency of tuition that you may be looking for, please include details here.
Some tutors will travel to the home of students but some prefer to teach in their own homes. Assuming the tutor is close, would you be prepared to travel to their home for the tuition?
If there is any other information which may be helpful in finding a tutor then please provide details?
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