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Fordham Private Tutors

Cambridge Education and Training (CET) has tutors throughout Cambridgeshire and in many of the villages, towns and cities of Suffolk, Essex and Bedfordshire.

CET has hundreds of tutors offering personal private tuition at all levels in more than 60 subjects. It is an agency acting for tutors in negotiating terms between tutors and students or their parents (our clients).

We offer our clients:

• carefully selected and appropriately qualified tutors, many of whom are established full time teachers in schools or in higher education

• tutors who will travel to the home of the student and some who will tutor in their own home

• a transfer system, whereby a student who feels that he or she could benefit by transferring to another tutor may do so (provided another tutor is available) at no extra cost

• monthly reports on each student's progress in each subject studied

• regular opportunities to comment upon the tuition

• provision for a student to withdraw at any time by giving 24 hours' notice, a full refund being given for any tuition which has been paid for but not received.

We would be delighted to help you find a tutor. Please complete our online form or call us on 0844 057 0328 and we will let you know who we have who may be able to help with the tuition.

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