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11+ and 13+ Tuition

CET has tutors who are used to preparing children for the 11+ and 13+ exams and recognise how they can help without creating pressure and anxiety. Our private tutors can offer valuable guidance specifically for these styles of exams. Many students have extra tuition from an early age as not many schools prepare students for these exams.

Tutor Qualifications and Experience
Most of our 11+ and 13+ tutors are qualified teachers and the minimum requirement is that they must hold at least a degree or a recognised teaching qualification and ideally, have previous experience of preparing children for these exams.

All of our tutors had to produce a recent Enhanced CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) Disclosure, or Enhanced Disclosure Scotland disclosure when they registered with the agency. All are interviewed and we obtained 2 references for every tutor: one work reference and one character reference. Many of the work referees have worked with the tutor in a teaching environment so they can provide us with a valuable insight in to the way the tutor works with children. The character referee can also help us determine whether a tutor is suitable to work with children due to their characteristics.

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