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Since it was established in 1987, Cambridge Education and Training has developed a reputation in the region for quality and excellence. The tutors we provide to students are highly qualified and many have been teaching and tutoring for many years.

All of our tutors have to possess a teaching qualification or a degree in the subject(s) they wish to teach and a working knowledge of the current National Curriculum and/or relevant examination board syllabus is essential. For those tutors wishing to tutor students for school entrance examinations, current knowledge of the requirements of local selective or independent schools is also important.

Registering as a tutor with CET has many benefits:

  • you will be working for a company with a strong, established reputation for quality and excellence
  • you don't have the inconvenience of acquiring your own students
  • you set your own rates of pay and remain self-employed
  • you are under no obligation to accept work.

To apply to become a tutor at Cambridge Education and Training, please complete this secure, online form.
Note: none of these details are shared with third parties.

Personal Details
Telephone number:
Mobile number:
Email address:
House number/name:
Confirm email address:
Some teachers are unable to tutor students attending their own establishment so it is useful to know the current school/college where you work if applicable.
Post Code:
Is English your first language? If "No", what is your first language?

Qualifications and Experience
Other qualification (please provide details):
If applicable, in which year did you begin teaching: and tutoring: ?
Before they can be registered, all of our tutors have to present to the agency a CRB check that has been completed within the past 3 years. If this can't be done, we will provide details of how a new check can be carried out. Please state if you have had a check completed recently and include the disclosure number and its date of issue.
Have you have had a CRB check carried out within the past 3 years?
Yes No
Certificate number:
Date of issue:
If you are a qualified teacher, please enter your unique registration number. The organisations issuing these have changed over the years but you may know it as a number from the DFE, DFES, GTC, DFCS etc.
If you have tutored previously, please provide brief details.

Location and format of tutoring

Would you be willing to tutor in your own home?
If 'Yes', you need to be able to provide a quiet, clean, well-lit, adequately heated and suitably furnished room suitable for tutoring.
Yes No
Do you drive and have use of a car or motor bike?
Yes No
What is the maximum travelling time you'd be prepared to travel to a student's home?
Would you be interested and possibly available to teach home-schooled children (usually during the day?
Yes No
Would you be interested in tutoring online, making use of facilities such as Skype, email, webcams etc.?
Yes No
Would you consider teaching a small group?
Yes No
One service we may be offering in the future is revision classes. Would you be interested in providing this service?
Yes No
Although it's not something that we currently provide, a long term aim of the agency may be to offer qualified teachers to schools on either short-term contracts or for supply cover. If you are a qualified teacher, is this something that would possibly be of interest to yourself?
Yes No n/a

Please indicate the subjects and ages for which you are able to teach

4 - 7 years
(Rec - Y2)

7 - 11 years
(Y3 - Y6)

Entrance Exams

11 - 14 years
(Y7 - Y9)








Any other subjects:

As part of our vetting procedure, we always obtain references from two referees before we register any tutors. To enable us to do this, please could you include the name and contact details (preferably email but if not, postal addresses) so that we can send each person a reference form. Ideally one reference will be professional and the other personal. (Please be assured that this is a secure page and none of these details are used other than to gain references.)
Referee 1 name:
Email or postal address:
Relationship of the referee to yourself eg. employer, tutee:
Referee 2 name:
Email or postal address:
Relationship of the referee to yourself eg. employer, tutee:

Other information
If there is any other information which may be helpful in finding a tutor then please provide details?
How did you first hear about Cambridge Education and Training?


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